5 Apr 2010

Kangkalang.. Captain is like ‘Marmite’

Dear oh dear..a new blog called Kangkalang has been born – tuh add tuh dee presshaahhh!!

Marmite[1] Dee hardest part is that I’m co-blogger on it wid meh pardner from dong on dee Rock – and dee man refer to meh as ‘marmite’! Well dat didn’t seem tuh make sense at first.

So yuh know yuh pardner – a gorn on Google tuh check it out. And I discover dat traditionally Marmite is something you either ‘love or hate’ – no middle ground. This is actually one of the selling points in Marmite’s history.

So, well – errrh.. ah have tuh agree wid meh pardner who goes by the name of Major K. Laing. ..because really an’ truly, dee people who I interact wid, eidda love meh or hate meh.

Guess what? I’m a Marmite lover!! So when ah say ‘I like Marmite’, is two t’ings ah talkin’ about in one. Oh gord – ah go have tuh explain dis tuh Anglo Saxons. Look, dong on Dongkey Rock, if the people say ‘Yuh like..[such and such]’, it could mean in the Queen’s English that, ‘You’re likened to [such and such]’. And if they say you ‘like’ something.. it could also mean that you love it.

All dis Marmite talk get meh mouth watering for some Marmite on bread.. brain food, boy…so daize exactly what ah going get. LOL. Laterz.