17 Apr 2010

Marriages of convenience

Christine Kangaloo no doubt spent the most part of last weekend putting her speech together for presentation on the PNM platform in St Augustine last Monday night. Christine came out fiery with her presentation as to why the electorate should not vote for the combined opposition.

She spoke about how it was a marriage of convenience etc, that would not last. She had the converted going wild. But little did she know that in less than 72 hours she would have to eat her words especially as Mr Manning decided to choose Dr Rowley as the candidate for Diego Martin West.

How is Christine now going to tell the electorate about a marriage of convenience when everyone knows full well that Dr Rowley played a pivotal role in weakening the Manning administration? He stood up, both inside and outside the House, and said what he had to say about Mr Manning and his relationship with Mr Calder Hart; and about Mr Manning's dictatorial attitude.

In fact he saw the upcoming election as a "Udecott election". So if choosing Dr Rowley to fight the Diego Martin West seat is not a marriage of convenience to save both Dr Rowley and Mr Manning, what is? It would be interesting to see how long this new love affair will last for remember it was Mr. Manning who spoke about Dr Rowley's "wajang behaviour".

It should also be quite interesting to hear Dr Rowley, when and if he takes to the platform, talk on good governance as this was something he accused the Manning administration of not having.

We are certainly in for exciting times and game-playing, especially now that there is a wajang in the party, but always remember you can't fool all the people all the time!

C Peters