3 Apr 2010

No comment needed


Patrick Manning has to be the biggest asset to the UNC just as how Panday was to the PNM! This Government continues to squander and squander away the country's money and at the end of it all he has nothing to show for it.

And his latest promise of $300 billion for Laventille? Well, when I heard that I got so vex. What have these people done to deserve our hard earned tax dollars?

The people in Laventille like the life they live so leave them so! A PM with some sense would have used that $300 million to build a desal plant so everyone can get water, or fix some roads. Why must you continue to allow these people to be a drain on the society? Let them go to school and get a job like everyone else. I get damn vex when my tax dollars have to go and mind big hard back men and women who cannot see beyond a ten days and a a smart card."But I on the other hand have to suffer for water because Manning's 20/20 vision only includes buildings. As my grandmother used to say, "is best they did plant a fig tree." At least you would have gotten a bunch of fig.

So Mr Manning continue to squander away the country's money, come next election, and I can't wait to vote, you will join your partner Bas!