11 Apr 2010

The rain is really piss on our heads

Remember how Andre Monteil as chairman of CIB authorised a loan to his own company Stone Capital from CIB to purchase shares in CIB by Stone Capital? So essentially, he authorised borrowing from himself to buy his own shares for himself.. or something to that effect…

Similarly, The Calder Hart investigation is assisted/directed by the AG. We have the rather ‘odd’ scenario of the ACIB (Anti-Corruption police) investigating Hart, but… the ACIB’s head is the AG. Not only that, he is also a sitting politician for a party that put the suspect in unparallel power.

Attorney General, Jeremie as head of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB), played a role in investigations into Udecott and its former executive chairman Calder Hart.

Quaint then, how it is that JJ stands in Parliament or in media briefings and releases information on the investigation, but these releases amount to nothing short of defence of Hart.

So, the head of the investigating body is actually defending the suspect… Only in Monkey Island, oui.