7 Apr 2010

Smelly Jamaican caught!

I doz really have tuh laugh oui..dis is about a Jamaican drug dealer who had evaded deportation by UK border agencies for the last 5 years!

Guess how he get caught? Because of his smell! Yeah smell. Allyuh doh believe meh.

Right - read it here in The Sun 2010-04-06, where Lucien McClearley, they say “He was arrested only when cops noticed him driving a car smelling of cannabis.

Ah mean tuh say, eef yuh on dee run and yuh is a drug dealer, try not tuh do anything obvious nuh - like light up a mega-spliff and send orf major smoke signals for coppers to track dong yuh ass. Naahh… buh he like he figga i’s Jamdong.. whey yuh light up whey ever yuh feel - cool runinns etc etc. LMAO.

Well as a part-Jamaican mehself, ah know mos’ a dem eh so dohtish… look dee fella was jes a bit too high. ;)

There we are – ‘ yet another dumb criminal story’.