5 Apr 2010

The stink rising

There is a big, big stink rising in Trinidad and it has nothing to do with the Labasse.

Has anyone given thought to the fact that PM Manning had a private conversation with C Hart before the latter’s resignation? Or that his ‘office’ had another private conversation with Neelanda Rampaul before she resigned? Now, this seems to be a habit of this PM. Remember when he had a ‘private conversation’ with Satnarine Sharma and told him ‘resign or be fired’? Of course, Sharma was then Chief Justice and refused to be bullied.

For the latter, he was soundly ‘tapped up’ by the Privy Council, who thought him farse and out of place to threaten the CJ.

Yet here we have him, carrying on as if nothing has happened and repeating his mistakes. Yes sirree, the stink is rising.

The ACIB is mandated by the DPP (among others) to investigate C Hart and UDeCOTT. Reports are that it’s ‘stymied’ by people in high places. Obviously, the high profile persons interviewed (and I hesitate to use that word) was a show for the media and public. Never forget, the ACIB is manned by dunceys, directed by dunceys and so can only catch cascadoo in a bucket if someone more experienced shows them how.

Yes sirree, the stink is rising.

I noticed something peculiar though. Ministers, like  Tattoo, long vociferous have now gone silent. Have they been muzzled? I can’t say for sure, but persons like Tattoo don’t just run out of steam. Perhaps the shock of a possible election has rendered them speechless, but more likely Mr Big has ordered a blanket ban on dotishness.