2 Apr 2010

A suspect Attorney General

You know, I’ve written about JJ (John Jeremie, the Attorney General –Mr Fixer) being a partisan political figure. Everyone ‘knows’ he was recalled from London to do P**rick’s bidding. Annisette-George was kicked out of the post because she was not as easy as JJ to bend over and take it willingly. In fact, she preferred to walk out rather than take it at all. Word has it she even walked out of the Government and went back into private practice, such was her disgust.

JJ’s actions have moved him to the secure position of being P**rick’s protector. I first noticed JJ’s actions when he was advising the Chief Magistrate during a case in which the said Magistrate was presiding over involving the Leader of the Opposition. The antagonistic nature of the political process alone made JJ’s involvement suspicious at best. That the defendant was the Leader of the Opposition made it doubly so. And the fact that the magistrate being so advised was the one sitting in judgment of this case was enough to put my radar on high alert.

In the case of UDeCOTT, JJ has been involved up to his eyebrows so to speak. What sort of advice has he been giving to the Prime Minister (or P**rick, or the ‘Father of the Nation’) for Hart to resign and leave the country with his family within 24 hours… and leaving behind a substantial amount of ‘assets’?

How come now he is suddenly ‘directing’ the investigation into Hart and UDeCOTT?

No one knows how to contact Hart not even the police, but despite the police investigating Hart, JJ can say with assurance he is not needed by the police?

The police have no need to question former UDeCOTT executive chairman Calder Hart at this point in time, Attorney General John Jeremie assured yesterday.

How the hell can JJ say that? Why is it all news of this investigation seem to come from JJ, and not the police?

…the Attorney General said he (Jeremie) had been told by Commissioner of Police James Philbert and the Senior Investigating Officer of the Anti-Corruption Investigating Bureau that Hart has not been requested to return to Trinidad and Tobago to speak with officers here.

Has the Police Commissioner (handpicked by P**rick) been muzzled? And suspicious too is the defence of Hart by JJ, on all front. His words are carefully chosen to create a public image of a man innocent and hounded.

Asked whether he knew where Hart was, Jeremie said: ’Yes, we do.’

He declined, however, to state where Hart, ’a private citizen’, was.

Asked if special treatment was being afforded to Hart, Jeremie said that as of now, Hart was just an ’ordinary citizen against whom there has been a great deal of speculation’.

’The police are at the present time conducting a probe which centres on the perjury allegation (arising out of the claim of a family link between his wife, Sherrine, and the directors of CH Development, a company awarded a $368 million contract by the Hart-chaired UDeCOTT board).’

Jeremie said there was a separate criminal probe into the Minister of Legal Affairs Towers and the project at Tarouba, both of which were ongoing.

’They have not yet reached a position of finality. So there can be no warrant to do anything with Mr Hart at this point in time. We can only go as quickly as the police can carry us. The Government cannot take action against a private citizen, restricting his travel. Those are the constitutional rights enjoyed by every citizen in advance of his being charged, or a request being made by the police to have him attend an investigation,’ Jeremie emphasised as he responded to suggestions that Hart was a flight risk.

Asked whether information on the authenticity of birth certificates of Hart’s wife and her sister, Soh Lee Wah, and the marriage certificate of Soh Lee Wah to CH director, Ng Ching Poh, has been obtained from Malaysian authorities, Jeremie said the Central Authority and Interpol have made seven requests of their counterpart agencies in Malaysia. As of yesterday, they had received information with respect to ’four limbs’ of the requests. ’Three limbs are outstanding and that is as much as I can say’, he said.

Was Government taking a lot more time to get information than the Congress of the People did in producing the documents, Jeremie was asked.

’That is a valid point. But you have to understand that the Central Authority works with its corresponding agencies in various parts of the world. Once evidence is attained under the Mutual Assistance process, it can then be adduced into court proceedings with minimum difficulty under our Evidence Act.

With regards to the words in red, that’s a load of hogwash. Courts restrict movement of people all the time, and can even order them tagged, kept within a certain area or even under house arrest (Occah Seepaul is a fine example of this, under a corruption probe as well over a dodgy boat sale).

What makes this situation all the more unpalatable to me is that the legal fraternity in Trinidad and Tobago knows JJ is talking out of his arse but no one wants to call him on it.

I don’t think I am merely seeing a conspiracy theory this time. There is more in the mortar than the pestle, and only time will prove me right as I am so often.