20 Apr 2010

Those pesky money issues

In the Express of April 15 there was a picture of Port of Spain South MP Marlene McDonald giving away cheques to her constituents.

Now whose money is that?

It totally angers me to see our taxpayers' money being given away freely to get votes.

I object strongly to this, and I would like the Integrity Commission to look into it. Information Minister Neil Parsanlal was reported in the Express as saying that all MPs do this all year round.

I real vex now. We cannot get basic things like water and lots of other necessities and they just give our money away like this?

Even if it is from an allowance given from the Ministry, it is still our money.

That picture should have been put on the front page for all to see.

Integrity Commission, I'm counting on you!

S Flood

Lest we forget, Marlene McDonald is also the minister whose ministry ‘gave’ millions of dollars in ‘scholarships’ to PNM stooges. One such recipient is Laurel Lezama, coincidentally married to the son of Louis Lee Sing… who happens to be a noted PNM financier and supporter and whose radio license was granted in only 3 days (remember?). Laurel Lezama is now selected to be the PNM representative for Arima, where the citizens are said to prefer Penny Beckles.

Word has it that scholarship funds were taken away from other ministries and given to the culture ministry to facilitate the largesse.

Marlene McDonald

marlenemcdonaldBy the way, it looks like Marlene also had a makeover probably at the expense of a government credit card. 

Marlene, maybe some liposuction might help if you want to look like Laurel.