18 Apr 2010

Waterless toilets.

waterfree_loo 003waterfree_loo 001  waterfree_loo 002

These pictures were taken in an MacDonalds here in the Englan’. Jes remember dis is a country where water rarely stops flowing in dee taps.

Buh on Dongkey Rock whey dey have floods every year, and whey desalination plants are aplenty – and yuh cyah get water in yuh taps on a regular basis – dey mightn’ even see deez tings. Daize why ah like Englan’ – deez people ova here know about t’inking ahead.. and about protectin’ dee environment etc.

Ahm, dee odda t’ing was dis toilet wasn’ smellin’ renk. No puddles of piss all over dee place – and dey had somebody cleaning deez toilets hourly. Allyuh could lorn a t’ing or two on dat Rock – especially as water scarce dong dey in dee taps eh.