11 Apr 2010

When it’s good.

Due to my exacting standards on performance and integrity, I tend to find fault with lots of things – and with people. So, when something good happens for me on the rare occasion, I’m left dumbstruck. Well this happened twice in one week! So – I’m like ‘what’s going on?’

20100407479First I was at my dentist to have a crown done and some other work. Well the dentist is a good chap. His name is Raj and with his permission I give you his photo to the left. Raj is a highly skilled dentist with a very good manner. I’ve been to see him several times over the years, and he is consistent in explaining what he thinks needs to be done, why it needs to be done, the alternatives and the consequences of not taking action. He’s never in a rush.

But on a day last week the service from his surgery was even better – when I normally expect things to get worse with time, as I see from experience in many organisations. Raj’s assistant, the one who is immediately to his left, was exceptionally good. I mean most dental assistants just hold instruments, but this young lady was thinking ahead, prompting Raj to possibilities in a very polite manner and clarifying his instructions as he went along. I was in the dentist’s chair for about an hour while Raj and his assistant worked together to fashion this crown for one of my right upper molars. No my mout’ wasn’ open fuh all dat time… oh Gord man!

Raj had to work on a computer to get a 3D design of the crown right, while the assistant had other related tasks. I was able to look on and see how they worked well as a team. It was brilliant. The crown was fitted there and then, and I’m out chomping as usual like if I was given a brand new tooth!! I actually fed back to Raj that his assistant was very good. He was happy for that feedback. I paid my money happily for the service I received.

moza_indian The next occasion when it was good was last night. I was at one of the Moza Indian restaurants (click on picture to get to their menu). And again – I had nothing to complain about. I was basically ‘blown away’! It was soooooh goood! I mean they really had 60 dishes on offer, all piping hot, fresh, bursting with flavour – and it wasn’t just about the food – the service was excellent! Good eye contact from the waiters – Indian chaps – but with good command of English, good listening skills – bill presented within 2 min of asking and it was accurate.

I just couldn’t leave without seeking out the manager. He came over, slightly apprehensive but covering it. I quickly determined that he was the owner of the business! How good is that – like very! So I complimented him on the design of the place, and the excellent cuisine – but also I made special mention of the good service. Well he was all smiles from ear to ear, to hear how satisfied I was.

image Satisfied? Well yes – ah stuff meh self good and proper about 4 times over, plus dessert. Yep – meh lovely Cobra was dere at meh side, helpin’ meh along nicely. LOL. Oh well – it’s nice to get it good! And it’s good to give praise when it is due. I’m now a walkin’ talking advert for Raj and Moza.. well if wasn’ for Raj my chops wasn’ gonna be in order for Moza – so. ROFL.