16 Apr 2010

Why me Lord, why me?

"I don’t know who would have done this or why. I have no enemies and I am accustomed working here late. I felt safe because the office is close to the police station. This is a sad indictment as to the state the country has reached in terms of crime and lawlessness."

Anand Ramlogan

Well Anand boy, ah have news for you. Every time you defended a public servant that the PNM dictator Father of the Nation Emperor shafted, you made an enemy.

Every time that you lambast a politician on your Guardian column, you made an enemy.

When you tu*n yuh back on Panday, yuh arse was dark.

Yuh tu*n yuh back on COP, and run back to UNC… only some ah dem UNC people ent go forget how yuh use to lambast dem too when yuh was in COP…

And doh forget, every time you make out de dunceys to be… dunceys, you make enemies too.

But A A, I nearly forget! You feel dat because yuh office close to the duncey station it safe? Yuh forget the biggest percentage ah criminals is found inside de duncey force?

Man, cry me a river…