11 May 2010

Amend those laws!

Once more the ugly spectre of domestic violence has raised its macabre head…. a mother is murdered by an estranged spouse.

Not for the first time, I am wondering why the State does not prosecute acts of domestic violence before it gets out of hand. They depend on the willingness of the victim to ‘make a case’, a willingness that is - more often than not – not forthcoming. Women change their minds because of threats, persuasion by the perpetrator that he will change etc. None of these ought to make a difference. No evidence has ever been proffered that men of such ilk have ever changed.

In the UK, prosecution in certain instances is entirely dependent on the Crown Prosecution Service and not on the victim. It is time that laws are amended in Trinidad so that crimes of assault and battery etc., are entirely handled by the DPP and not have some duncey arsehole tell the victim there is nothing they can do. If such a response is given, charge the duncey with aiding and abetting in act of the crime. Amend those laws now!