3 May 2010

Comment in the Guardian

"Well the judiciary is politicised and Manning carries as much responsibility for this as anyone. Perhaps he would like to enlighten the population on the background to the appointment of the present Chief Justice. What role did the Prime Minister play in the appointment of this born again Christian to the office of Chief Justice? Why did Archie leapfrog over better qualified, more senior judges to be appointed to the highest judicial office in the land? Judging by his performance since his appointment as Chief Justice was it really merit?

Also tell us about former deputy chief magistrate Deborah Thomas Felix. She moved very smoothly from judicial office to the PNM. We won't even mention the political impartiality of Sherman McNichol.

Why was nothing said about the appointment of Gillian Lucky to the Bench? Is it true that Nafeeza Mohammed is also looking to follow in the footsteps of Gillian Lucky and has applied for a judicial appointment?

Many lawyers say that it is not so much the party political bias of our judges that threatens the independence of the judiciary. Rather it is the fact that we have so many homosexual and lesbian judges, especially in the Court of Appeal, who may be open to blackmail.

As for Volney the issue is not that he has resigned from the bench to join the UNC but how someone like that came to be appointed a Judge in the first place. It may be time to review the membership of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission."


I have reformatted it for easier reading and to highlight certain points.