7 May 2010

The Cyaptain’s new pen

20100507569 Well, while people hu’ting dey head ova here in dee UK about hung Parliament – and others preoccupied on dee Rock about how ‘well hung’ – or not - certain politicians might be, dee Cyaptain makin’ he self really happy and contented in he own living space. LOL.

The pen to the left is now a rare item. Trust me, I’ve searched the internet for months. The Pelikan Level L5 is now sold largely in Germany and Austria – you may be lucky to find one on Ebay. Well yuh boy receive’ dis lovely item dis morning in dee post. It is in pristine unused condition. I am so delighted to be a proud owner of this item. I’ll tell you why.

The Level L5, L1 and L65 – were the only major challenge to fountain and cartridge pens in the last few decades. Its unique design is roughly a cross between a cartridge and a true fountain pen – but that is not really a good approximation. I first bought the L1 back in 1997 and that pen lasted me for 10 plus years. It failed only because it accidentally sustained a crack after falling. Since then I’ve got a good pen case.

I am no collector of pens – so doh start mout’ing orf about Montblanc etc etc. Daize dee fus t’ing Donkey rockians does do – anytime you show dem somik nice dat yuh have – dey does bong to flash some headline intelligence ‘bout somik better. [Somebody mus’ take dat bait eh – watch.]

Anyhow, I like dis particular pen, dee Level L5, because it is unique and it works very well. I have a collection of L1 (or L65's). I do a lot of handwriting and these pens are so cool because I need only fill them about once a month!! I always walk with two.

The unique design features of the pen can be seen by scrolling the page below. It looks like the design is a feat of German engineering. Some people have complained about inkflow problems. I’ve had some minor issues with that but no greater than I had had with the regular fountain or cartridge pens (which I now never use).

So – I doz make mehself happy with a few small items. Summer is here and like last year.. I’ll be picking up me fresh West Indian coconuts from Tesco. Ah now have two BBQ pits so is real akshaan dis summer!