13 May 2010

Dishonest delivery company

At the beginning of this month, I purchased some books for Punks for her birthday. I bought it from Amazon.co.uk from “Amazon EU S.a.r.L”. This seller used City Link delivery.

Now, the seller shipped the books out on the 6th May, after I bought them on 5th May. No problems there. I was emailed giving me the despatch date.

Tracking History The problem lies with the City Link delivery service. Take a look at the chart on the left.

Attempted delivery on 3 occasions, no one to receive goods and a card was left. Seems okay so far.

Except… NO ONE attempted to deliver anything!

I was at home on those days and at those times. The driver appears to be too bloody lazy to make the delivery so it is easier to say that s/he tried. I make no apologies for that statement.

Sure, the driver could be right that he did try. Except that the address must have been different to mine.

All I can say is the City Link is dishonest in my opinion and is taking money under false pretences from the customers paying for their packages to be delivered. The worst part is the inconvenience to those awaiting goods.