19 May 2010

I’m just saying…


Mr Patrick Manning please cease your incessant appeals to race. First is this talk about “her kind” and now this nonsense that Kamla, as Minister of Education, locked herself in a room for three days to manipulate SEA results. Under her tenure my African children passed for St Anthony’s College and Bishop Anstey.

Under the PNM my daughter was thrown in the infamous Mucurapo Junior Sec. If Kamla manipulated results well it worked to my benefit. But any teacher will tell you that Kamla does not have to manipulate results for the students of East Indian descent to have good passes. They are better students, better behaved, better study habits, more obedient and more respectful.

What Manning should do is tell African students to study harder, revise, have their parents assist with their homework, have more respect for their teachers, do as Naipaul says in ‘A House for Mister Biswas’: “read and learn, read and learn.” They and their parents must know, as most Indian families believe, that “after God is Guru” and that education must be addressed in a serious and dedicated manner. So come on Patrick. Stop these appeals to the tribe. They polarise us and pander to mistrust and suspicion.

Diego Martin

I confess, I did not know that P**rick said Kamla locked herself in a room to manipulate the SEA results. I must have missed that one.

There is something wrong with that scenario though. I mean, when P**rick lies, I always say the lie is most unbelievable. Every year somewhere between 19,000 and 21,000 students write the SEA exam. I find it unbelievable that Kamla can manipulate so many names in only 3 days. if she is such a superwoman, then she surely has my vote to devote that dedication, commitment and ability to running the country. Just saying…