1 May 2010

In the news

There were several items in the news I wanted to comment on today. First, the Volney issue raised its head again. Volney, as many readers would know, is not one of my admired people. He has opened himself even in the past to scrutiny. However vociferous the denials, the hounds of bias will forever bay at his heels. With good reason.

Concerns have now surfaced about certain rulings Volney made in the past before his entry into politics. Questions have been specifically raised about rulings made by Volney in the Brad Boyce and Seeromani Narayansingh cases in which they were cleared of separate murder charges.

Same as I’ve been saying all along.

Then there is the small article about Daryan Warner, better known for his part in a certain World Cup ticket scandal, wanting to sue the Public Utilities Minister.

Warner contends that the statements uttered were understood to mean that he was engaged in criminal activity, that he was dishonest, corrupt and disreputable.

Now, I’m not a fan of the minister nor Warner, but I have to wonder why Warner isn’t suing the Soca Warriors who’ve said the same things publicly, and Andrew Jennings, BBC journalist who’d exposed the Warners time and time again. Pay close attention to comments by Marchalis and great2bealive.

The police officer aka duncey who is leading the investigation into corruption in UDeCOTT and Calder Hart has been transferred. We are led to believe it is not political. Seriously. Really … seriously.

And speaking of corruption, Watson Duke, having got his hands on the coffers of the PSA, has now shown that the stereotype of ‘freshie’ black people not being able to control their avarice may have some foundation. Less than a year has passed since he assumed presidency of the union, and here he is suspended for misusing the credit card allocated to him (to the tune of $66,000 if I recall the news correctly). He has since adopted a Manning style autocracy.

If, as one commenter said, Duke is a range 13 public servant, it means he worked for a salary of around $3100 per month. No wonder he ‘get big-eye’ when he see money.

Bacchanal never stops, eh?