15 May 2010


Too much madness in this world, oui. I go give allyuh some examples.

Las’ night, de Cyaptain point me online to a man, a psychologist, who ‘successfully’ treated one person who was hearing voices, then come out and say some dotish ting like drugs not needed to treat psychiatric disorders. Dat gimme a lil pause. Really, de man treat one patient in a career of about 15 years, by ‘talking’ directly to the voices in de patient head. Jess ONE patient eh (and de patient could relapse anytime, cause is only a few weeks/months since de ‘success’ happen). Fus’ ting come in meh head was ‘Wah?! He hah be mad too to hear dem voices inside de patient’s head.’ More mad in fac’ cause mad people usually hear voices inside dey own head. Dis one is a fus’ fuh me. Buh dat is jess me. Of course, yuh have to keep in mind that by law, psychologists not really recognised as medical doctors, and dey always looking to ‘big up’ deyself. Dey cyah prescribe drugs so dey have to rely on dese ‘alternative’ and ‘holistic approaches’ to de problem. Madness oui.

Den we have de mad situation wey 3 men hold up de vehicle – de Official Transport – of de Leader of the Opposition in Trinidad and Tobago. De vehicle was found some time later intact, and nothing missing except some confidential documents. Well, bredders and sistas, de Jumbie brain start tuh tun same time. I eh know bout allyuh dong on de Rock, and de Cyaptain go take a tun in meh arse for saying dis out loud: but it look like de PNM and P**rick getting desperate! I have never seen dis level of underhandedness in ANY election yet – ever! But as I say, is madness.

And is more madness because de Commissioner of Dunceys announce dey ‘foiled’ a ‘plot’ to disrupt election.

Police seized a fully-loaded AK-47 assault rifle, two magazines and 48 rounds of ammunition, including 5.56 ammunition. Philbert said 22 green T-shirts, emblazoned with the logo and markings of the New National Vision (NNV) party, also were recovered.

De NNV for dem who eh know, is Abubu party. Like he still up to monkey business (and allyuh does wonder why I does call dong dey Monkey Island eh?). Notice no arrest of Abubu eh. Like I say, is madness.

Leh we stick to duncey madness fuh a lil bit. Allyuh see what de latest senior duncey pull? Driving on the PBR he get pull over by traffic police, asked for his PBR pass, license and insurance. He could not provide 2 outa de 3 so he drive off leaving his permit behind… wey sah, like dey eh go find yuh. Is mad he mad oui, cause nobody could be dat dotish… could dey?

Is madness and more madness coming… watch out!