19 May 2010

Mrs Jumbie

Readers may not know that the Captain and I have frequent arguments ‘behind the scene’ of this blog. Friendly arguments, but none the less fierce ones. (^_^) On the blog, we frequently disagree, my pet peeve being the Captain frequently fails to see ‘the wood from the trees’. He prefers ‘substrata’ as he calls it… the problem there as I see it is that wood and trees are what I am referring to and not to any blinking substrata. As he himself frequently points out to me, he is introducing an extra dimension to the argument that is nothing to the original point. Watch the comment he puts on this blog and you will see what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong here people… the Captain is a good friend, and one I learn a lot from. Our arguments, while fierce, remain friendly. We agree to disagree. Our viewpoints may differ but it promotes healthy debates and often expands (?) the learning curve.

Our latest argument, one running several long weeks, is about my forthcoming trip to Trinidad. Initially it started off as a trip to transact some business but then it turned out a bit … different. I rarely blog about personal matters on this blog, as I initially started this blog to give myself a voice about ‘things that irk me or deserves a comment or two’. Mostly, the political landscape, technology or interesting titbits make the blog, rarely do I find my life worthy to comment upon. Seriously though, I wanted to keep a measure of myself to myself. (^_^)

Anyway, the running argument between myself and the Captain is that he doesn’t believe me about something. Some time back, a few years ago, this Jumbie got divorced… that much may have come thru on this blog. I am the proud daddy to Punks, who is the apple of both my eyeballs.

However, lately I have gotten really close to a friend of about 20 years, a single professional gal who lives in Trinidad. Since I am going back on this trip, we have decided to tie the knot, get hitched… and whatever else term there is… (^_^)

Now, despite me telling this to the Captain, he disbelieves me, since I have not made ‘a public announcement’ of the fact. I guess announcing it on this blog should be public enough… ent? Obviously, I will not identify the future Mrs Jumbie, but hopefully the Captain will understand why… (^_^) The announcement should be enough… hopefully.