16 May 2010

The murder rate trend.

Jumbie had highlighted the some murder rate stats from reliable sources recently in the blog ‘Take that’.

Newsday 2010-05-16 reported today that two recent homicides pushed the rate to 202 in 135 days in the year. For pedants – I want to be clear that I’m using the word ‘murder’ in a colloquial and loose sense. Not every homicide can be called a ‘murder’ - which has a specific legal context and meaning (which Jumbie could help out wid later on, perhaps).

Freedom Chambers made their call for order in January 2010.  Nothing happened. There was a sigh of relief when it was thought that the homicide rate was heading south in March 2010. On one day in March there were 114 in 92 days – which predicted a year’s end total of 452.  But that things seem to be ‘shooting up’ – bad term – more recently. Now the rate in May seems to predict 540 by year’s end!

[Please scroll below the graph for insider information]


The Cyaptain has received some disturbing information from insiders in one of the health services on dee Rock, dat we not seeing dee true murder rate!! Due to difficulties identifying bodies and delays in post-mortems there is misclassification.  Doh even arks – yuh expec’ any politician on yuh Rock to come clean on dis? Come nah man doh make fun wid a serious matter.

And doh be surprised if in dee next week yuh get an official response from dee likes of Imbertcile, dat all dis ‘rumour’ is poppycock! Remember one important t’ing; all health service staff are gagged from speaking to dee media.  (Now, doh get nosey – trust meh, my sources are of the utmost integrity, and without political affiliation).

The reality probably is that dem figures on dat graph actually a few percent higher and could well be inaccurate. So – what dat means? Oh gord. It mean t’ings wo’se dan dey appear. Daize it!