12 May 2010

Once a duncey…


The male in the photo on the left is a duncey named Paul Christopher. This ‘bright’ spark was charged for accepting a bribe of TT$40.

A summary of the allegation outlined to a jury of nine members, alleged that on August 21, 2002 at about 8.45 pm, Michael Mohan was parked at the Band Stand in Lange Park, Chaguanas. State Attorney Brent Winter said Mohan’s girlfriend, Sadia Nabbie was in the car with him.

Rampersad and the jury heard from prosecutor Winter that Christopher allegedly pulled alongside the car in a marked police vehicle. He alighted from the vehicle together with another police officer and confronted Mohan.

Christopher is alleged to have asked Mohan what he was doing there and even told him that a charge could be preferred against him. But the judge and jury heard that Christopher asked Mohan if he wanted to “kill the matter there” and proceeded to allegedly ask him how much money he had in his possession.

Christopher is alleged to have taken $40 but made arrangements for Mohan to call him on a cellular phone so he could pay a further $1,000 to him. Mohan was threatened that if he did not pay up, he would be charged with an offence, the nature of the charge was not revealed.

Winter went on to tell the jury that on August 25, 2002, Mohan was working in a grocery when Christopher allegedly walked in with another police officer.

On August 28, Mohan went to the Anti-Corruption Bureau and reported the matter. Christopher was placed on an Identification Parade and was allegedly identified by Mohan.

Once more proving that when I call these people dunceys, I can only reinforce my conviction that they are the intellectual dregs of society. Here we have one about to lose his job for TT$40.