7 May 2010

Our immaturity on display

For the past 2 or 3 days, monitoring the news in Trinidad and Tobago has been an exercise in tolerance… and believe you me, it was with a great deal of restraint I found myself hesitant to post anything on this blog for fear my temper get the best of me.

I’ve long cited that Trinbago remains an immature society. Not only in its legislative and judicial arms, but also more obviously in the administrative. Add to that the educational and political immaturity of a population unwilling to rise out of the dark ages and what you get is a formula for violence.

We’ve been lucky enough prior to this election, not to have fallen for the slang, picong, insults etc that is part of the political hustings. Unfortunately, this election seem to have taken leave of both sense and sensibility.

For the past 2 days, headlines have dominated the local newspapers that indicate a rising trend to violence. From a $5M ‘hit’ on the leader of the Opposition, a bucket of red paint thrown on one candidate to seeing objects thrown at others in a crowd… I never once thought our political immaturity would translate into open intolerance and violence.

It disgusts me. What is even more disgusting is that with the exception of Keith Rowley, I have not heard one single other person condemn these acts! The rapidity which these incidents follow each other is more than enough cause for alarm. And duncey coppers notwithstanding, the chances of prevention and/or solving incidents is about the same as seeing snow in Sando.

I’ll have to keep an eye on this…