8 May 2010

A PhD in dotishness

Nah, nah Volney. You pissing meh off wid dis ‘qualified’ apology!!

WTF yuh mean by “‘entitled’ to make errors of judgment”? (See 1:25) I can understand an honest error but breds, as a judge deciding on the fate of people whose lives hang (literally) in the balance of your good judgment, you aren’t afforded the luxury of ‘mistakes’ or any ‘entitlement’ to such. Seems to me you pissed on yourself and called it bath water!

And look how yuh fecking boldfaced wid it too. IF you made an error?! Breds, de fecking Privy Council TOLD you you made an error, acting way outside your capacity as a judge. Also the common sense of the man in the street but that is not something you would understand I suspect!

And look at the next arse…

First time voter, 19-year-old Britney Ramirez, said she was about to write the Advanced Level Examinations and she wanted to be sure that she would be able to study law.

’The free education that the PNM has been offering is something really good, and I don’t know if anybody else will keep that so I don’t want to play with that. Getting a good education is the only way I can get a decent job so I have to make sure the opportunity is there,’ she added.

But WTF I seeing here? “I don’t know if anybody else will keep that [free education]…” Let me ask dis moron, did the NAR or the UNC stop free education when they were the elected government? Talk about brainwashing… no wonder the PNM has the country in such a pityful state. They really did a number on their own tribe!

This brainwashing reminds me of something the Nazis did in Germany some decades ago… fucked up the minds of the youth so good and proper dey didn’t know if they had a mouth or an arse… well, it wuk on Imbertcile et al too so maybe I shouldn’t say youths.

Today, I really seeing some PhD in dotishness, oui.