4 May 2010

The politics of politics

Last night I was having a conversation with a friend in Trinidad, using Skype. The conversation came round as expected, to the political situation currently attracting the attention of everyone there.

People are expressing unhappiness with the UNC/COP/nonentities for the selection of candidates. One the one hand, I am amazed that they are disgruntled with the rejection of the 2 Pandays… Subhas and Mikela. Basdeo took himself out. I understand though why the coalition can’t trust the Pandays. People seem to forget after the thrashing (aka the party’s internal election) that Mikela and Subhas were among 8 or so MPs who failed to support the newly elected leader. They walked out of meetings, held ‘alternative’ caucuses etc.

If the coalition wins with a minimum of 21 seats (out of 41) how can it chance the possible betrayal of the party, or possible hijacking/blackmail? What if one of the Pandays threaten to walk unless the old Bas is made El Presidente? These are scenarios that are possible, and need to be taken into consideration.

Brad Boyce protest Some of the other candidates are also sceptical. I for one do not approve of Jack Warner, a man recognised as a thief in many circles. Nor do I approve of Hubert Volney, who despite many protestations has brought the judiciary and himself into disrepute through his actions.

There is a reason that, for centuries, the judiciary has steered clear of being involved in the political process. Anyone with a modicum of sense can use Google to check out this out; I need not expound it further here.

Volney has essentially broken centuries of tradition in keeping the judicial arm and the legislative arm of the Government separate. Sure, we can proffer the argument that he isn’t the first, nor will be the last. Does that make it any less wrong or more right? Not in my thoughts.

I personally am curious to see how this all plays out. Would I want the PNM removed and a man like Jack Warner feeding at the trough instead? Would I want Hubert Volney instead of JJ as AG? Emphatically no, and I dare say a few more persons may feel as strongly. This seems to be 2 big mistakes Kamla has already made. Would the PNM jump onto this and ride it like a first place winner in a donkey derby?