31 May 2010


There is too much going on these days to sit and write a blog – and I am taking a break from the political scene.

Punks just had her 12th birthday… mine is next week. We’re both Geminis. I mentioned to Punks I’m getting old… her response was “Dad, you were old last year; this year you’re over the hill.” Go figure. It’s nice to have her around even if it’s for those little gems.

I am packing for my forthcoming trip to Trinidad, combining as always, business and pleasure. And I will take note of the Captain’s advice – namely, to practice my ducking and diving skills.  Truth to tell, I do look forward to seeing my family, but I have some dread of meeting mosquitoes, considering I came down with dengue fever last time I went.

Last night I was awake till late, packing and trying to get everything into my suitcase before I forget what needs to go… I dread reaching there and finding out I forgot my charger for my camera or worse... my glasses or my underwear. (^_^)

I’ll have to get someone to take care of my plants and His Royal Highness, Elmo.

In the meantime, I am back to my packing…