24 May 2010

Rowley’s advice

I have now decided to take Keith Rowley's advice. I am going to vote to protect my interest.

I am going to make sure that there are no more Calder Harts. I am going to make sure there are no rapid rails ($15 billion plus interest). I am going to make sure that I don't have to pay house tax ($7,000 yearly -calculated by a valuation officer). I am going to make sure I know the difference between Prime Minister and project manager.

I am going to vote, so my kids can get a free laptop after SEA. I am going to vote so that there will be no more hidden scholarships for people of one political party alone and a minister who explains this without explaining. I am going to vote so that my PM will know that I am not stupid.

One minute he says to me he called an election so nobody could say anything about him in Parliament. And next minute he says, "I had the election date since October 2009". Imagine two and a half years again in the Government's term, and the PM calls an election with 63 per cent of the Parliament. At best he could have only won back 21 seats, so why can't we get a straight answer from the PM on his election call? Is my country being run by a spiritual adviser?

I am going to vote so that UDeCOTT will be no more. I am going to vote so that nobody could appoint their wife to a ministerial position without facing the electorate. I am going to vote because the PM has lost too much cases in court due to discrimination. I am going to vote because I have been told by Patrick Manning that Calder Hart could be on the Integrity Commission. I am going to vote because twice the PNM had an oil boom, and twice we have nothing but empty buildings to show for it.

I may not like Basdeo Panday, but his government gave us cheaper computers, foreign used cars, Freedom of Information Act, no gas increase even though the the price of oil dropped to $9 a barrel, increased salary as a teacher, better roads, 24-hour supply of water in my area (Marabella), school for all SEA pupils, lower taxes, the UNC reduced public debt, all this with oil at US$9 a barrel.

How high oil skyrocketed to when the PNM was in power? Was it US$146?

If your life is better, vote PNM. But my life is not better. I know four friends, all professionals murdered by the gun.

Thanks Dr Rowley, you have opened my eyes. I will take your advice and protect my rights!

Elaine Peters