8 May 2010

Scales of dotishness

Once, I had the idea on this blog to measure the scales of dotishness the political veterans and aspirants could achieve. I gave up, primarily because the race was too close. Imbertcile and Martin Joseph, Parsanlal and Narace, the PM and P**rick (or maybe ‘Manicou’ since he now refers to himself as a manicou man)… I could not keep track of it all.

This morning I was reminded why it was wiser to give up.

First, the PM (or P**rick or ‘Manicou’, I can’t tell at this point) says that the phone number used to call in the death threat on Kamla Persad-Bissessar has been identified. Now the Acting CoP says the PM is a liar (yet again!) and no such identification happened. This Christian gentleman is the sort who made me lose my taste for religion many years ago.

Still on this saintly saviour we learn he had the election date in his back pocket since last year. Well, not exactly in his back pocket but circled in some kind of diary… I hope that he didn’t confuse the dates with those he had private meetings with Christine Kangaloo and others (as rumoured). Or maybe them’s the dates Hazel was at the Hyatt?

Then we have Martin ‘Doolahin’ Joseph, still promising better days are coming. Really?

Ay ya yai ya yai!