1 May 2010

Thought of the Day

To build a nation, we must exceed our own expectations.

Nelson Mandela (char)

in the movie Invictus

I’ve seen a few movies which centred around Nelson Mandela, the man. Goodbye Bafana and Invictus being the 2 latest, and both of which I urge readers to view. Maybe the ‘fictionalised’ versions of the stories were written to be different but hell, they sure are worth viewing several times over. The powerful impact of the man come through nevertheless.

I realised that Mandela is an extraordinary man. Aside from his unusual way of thinking, he has the extraordinary perception to see people as more than they are, and without prompting them or openly doing so, inspire them to become exceptional in their own right.

I’ve read biographies of famous people, and there are 3 who ever have impressed me. In no particular order, they are Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

If one man can break barriers (racial, political) and unite 43 million people, how then can the politicians in Trinidad and Tobago fail to be as selfless and continue to miserably disappoint and neglect a mere 1.5 million?

With a UNC/COP/non-entities coalition promulgating ‘change’ now is the opportunity to actually bring results. Put your money where your mouth is… I challenge you.