23 May 2010

Voter padding?

Trinidad ‘officially’ has 1.3 M people in  the population. I always say it’s probably closer to 1.5 M. That being said, what do you reckon the population under 18 years might be?

According to the EBC, it appears that number ‘officially’ might be a mere 261,000 give or take a few.

Let’s do a little Maths here…

Every year, roughly 20,000 children enter the school system. From age 5 to 18, we have 13 years. 13 x 20,000 = 260,000. What about those kids under 5? 5 x 20,000 ought to give us another 100,000.

So, something does not mesh here. Either Trinidad is now ‘officially’ over 1.3 M persons according to my little amateur calculation, or the EBC has been incorrect. If incorrect, are we seeing signs indicative of voter padding?