23 May 2010

We like it so

Like situation:

There is no money left. This, more or less, was the exact message contained in a letter from an outgoing Cabinet minister to his successor. Handwritten by the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne, the letter said:

“Dear Chief Secretary,

I’m afraid there is no money.

Kind regards – and good luck!


The new Chief Secretary, David Laws, told a press conference that when he arrived at his desk on the very first day in his new job, he found the letter which he thought might have contained some advice on how to conduct himself over the months ahead. But when he opened it, he was quite shocked by what he found.

Prime Minister David Cameron has accused his predecessors of going on a crazy last-ditch pre-election spending binge that has saddled the country with billions in unexpected extra debt. He said: “We are going to have to take action to stop these very bad decisions taken by a dying government.”

Now, does that sound familiar? Not that I want to equate Gordon Brown with P**rick, but there is a disgusting similarity with behaviour when it comes to spending from the public purse.

Given that the opportunity once again is here for change, I’ll not be surprised at anything that goes on…