12 May 2010

What sells.. no shrink for me.

Well, this morning I just happened upon Google Trends. This is where Google shares what’s hot on the net; the hottest topics and searches.

From there I checked out what was ‘hot’ and came across things like ‘Emma the Amish Girl’ – no I ain’t putting the link up – and I bettyah many of you will distract yourselves right now to search that topic. You see what I mean – it’s all about curiosity. No, I don’t have a problem with that at all. But I’m thinking ‘Like what the devil is going on out there on the net?!!!’ Is it just one massive peep show?

I mean like it’s mass hysteria!! It seems that people hear about this and that and they go into a frenzy searching out all kindsah rubbish; just out of pure curiosity.

What I would encourage the curious to do, is to take a look at some of the hot searches and hot topics. When I did so I was expecting to see topics such as health, stress management, children, personal finance, global warming etc. But no – I had a big surprise – I was all a loadah rubbish that people made out in the hot topics and hot searches.

What does it all mean? After checking out some sites that figures in hot searches, I was totally gobsmacked. The impression I came to is that, it’s all about jostling for pole position. Everybody wants a piece of the action (‘akshaan’ - if I code-switch). Man, I tell you it is a frenzy out there. People are going ‘mad’ on the net, clicking like they’re  stupid – and they probably are. I mean it’s about all kinds of rubbish.

Where is the human race heading? I just couldn’t help but sit back and wonder. Are we simply to launch ourselves or allow ourselves to be launched onto some kind of capitalist driven machinery? And if we say ‘No!’ do we in fact end up in the machinery anyway? I’m almost speechless and now in a state of confusion. Trust me I don’t need to see a shrink. (^_~)