25 May 2010

When yuh win, yuh lorse

Everybody and dey nennen celebrating Kamla’s election win. I see friends here in the Uk celebrating more than the people in Trinidad. Nothing wrong with that…

Me, I have 2 reservations.

  1. Hubert Volney – from all accounts this man might be appointed Attorney General. I against that one time, and I ent shame to say it. I never could believe that the Brad Boyce trial was a genuine mistake… I still say, follow the money trail, if allyuh get meh drift. keeping that in mind, I doh trust this man one lil bit, not as far as I could spit a 5 ton loogie. With people like Anand Ramlogan, Prakash Ramadhar and other attorneys on the slate, I hope they choose someone more… reputable.
  2. Jack Warner – known internationally as a thief and conman, I fear for our treasury, even more than if P**rick and Hart there, if allyuh must know. Minister of Sport? Maybe I could live with that… after all, who knows more about the inside track of sports than Jack? But all hell go break loose if he get anything like finance etc… mark meh words. Yuh doh put fox to guard de chickens.

Still, I hoping it have people to keep them in line. I glad Kamla win, but to me it is a pyrrhic victory. While yuh win, yuh lorse.