8 Jun 2010

Another update - wedding

Well, yesterday Mrs Jumbie OFFICIALLY became Mrs Jumbie in a small and private ceremony. Photos to come... I am using her niece's computer which does not have a card reader, and I forgot my cable for my camera... rats. I have an interesting photo with Mrs Jumbie tying my foot with a big chain to prevent me from escaping... heh heh heh.

Mrs Jumbie wore a gold and purple shalwar and I wore a cream, gold and purple kurta for the ceremony. She was so excited when she woke up on Sunday morning she was practicing writing her name over and over to 'get it right'. Of course, she claims she was trying to make it unlike her normal signature so she can't be held culpable... she's a lawyer... (^_^) She took about 3 minutes to sign... second thoughts? I prefer to think her hands were shaking in excitement.

When she signed the marriage certificate her brother fell to his knees and held his head in his hands and bawled, "Ah lorse meh car!"... Mrs Jumbie drives a spanking new 'beamer'... The pundit looked at him and asked "You laying claim to MY car?"

The actual ceremony was quick, about 20 minutes long but thoroughly enjoyable and fun. The guests were mainly my immediate family and Mrs Jumbie's.

Just when I thought my honeymoon was about to start Mrs Jumbie settled in front of the TV to watch Indian soaps... till 2 AM!! 'Lali' and 'Abba' took centre stage... I woke up with the reruns on and Mrs Jumbie's eyes still glued to the TV. I don't see much luck tonight either because as I write this she is stuck on tonight's episodes...

It looks like I can return to blogging soon.

Shout outs to my loyal readers like CP, KC, Lol, Captain, 'Scene and all others too numerous to mention... don't feel slighted in any way.