6 Jun 2010

Lickin’ dee backside!!

Well ah tell yuh – I was taking a break from bloggin’ because Jumbie dong dey and I was only too worried dat mosquito go be biting he ass, or gunman go come after him.

So – who tell me tuh look at Guardian dis morning? Dere, I am confronted by dee idiocy of arse-lickin’ – ah mean open in dee public. Yuh ever see how dorg does sniff and lick each odda ass – yuh get dee picture  - well now P**rick decide to lick Rowley ass! Yuh t’ink ah joking – ah know – allyuh figure I does be kicksin’ half dee time.

I give up, oui. I eh able wid no dorg lickin business. I cyah stand dat kinda nastiness!

Right well see below: