20 Jun 2010

Women win right to breastfeed in public!

Holy Anna!! This is such great news. It’s now sweeping across the UK.

But note that part of the article says that the new law is intended to make it illegal to stop a woman from breastfeeding a child that is less than 6 months old, in a public place.

Well – you could imagine whey dat goin’. All mothers who want to breast-feed in dee open go have tuh walk with proof of age of dey cheil (aka child) now. And oh gord mothers now have to be careful nursing children over 6 months now have to ensure dat they are not caught in a ‘public place’. What is a ‘public place’ – will no doubt be a matter of much legal deliberation yet again.

I eh know what it is nuh.. why are people so obsessed wid breas’ man – oh gord man.