27 Jul 2010


Once more, police aggression has caught my eye.

1280205459117n8 Roberts had stopped to render assistance to the woman, who had collapsed and needed help. He said after Roberts told two policewomen, who were at the time giving a PH taxi driver a ticket, that a woman was in dire need of help, the officers jumped into a waiting vehicle and were about to leave. Incensed by the officers' inaction, Bernard said Roberts walked up to the police vehicle and asked the officers if that was the manner in which they were supposed to protect and serve. He then walked away.

Now, lest you disbelieve the written account…

The incident was recorded by several persons on their cell phones and later posted on the popular YouTube and Facebook websites.

I can’t find the video on YouTube (anyone finding a link, please forward to me) but once again, I must point out I strongly disbelieve anything the dunceys say. The likely outcome?

"I'm sure they going and say he (Roberts) 'cuss' them (police) and 'cook up' some foolish charges. But the truth is, he did not 'cuss' or assault them. He tell them 'So all yuh does move, like imps? And all yuh say all yuh is to protect and serve and all yuh ain't even taking me on when I say de woman want help'," another eyewitness said of the incident.

Sadly, this is the reality.