2 Jul 2010

Cocaine rats.. again!! And AG angered by Philbert.

Boy, I does have tuh laugh oui.

“…8 packets of drugs which were found at the home of a St Ann’s man in 1998 weighed a total of 18.712 kilogrammes.”

Dat den turn out at court to be 7 kg less than the weight measured by officers from the then known Organised Crime and Narcotics Unit (OCNU). Dey talking how scale eh calibrate an’ all kinda ting. Look – I sittin 5500 miles away and I know is cocaine rats dat eat dee dam cocaine!! Dey couldah jes arks me.


Well in odda news Anand Ramlogan vex. Doh arks – he vex wid Philbert who about tuh get dee kick anyway.


Basically millions have been looted from  the site of the controversial church project at the Heights of Guanapo.

Click dee better looking picture for dee full story!! LMAO!!