20 Jul 2010

Hole in the head…mathematics rules.

I’ve often said it sarcastically on the blog that when you on the Rock (Dongkey Rock dat is) dat yuh gotta keep ducking from bullet and stray penises.

Well the story below is no laughing matter at all – and no sarcasm, pun or joke is to be attached to it. No – i’s none ah my family or fr’en’. It is just a very sad and mad story – a man minding his business, accosted by gun waving psychopaths and his life snuffed out by a single bullet to the head.

The current and previous regimes have focused on new laws etc to deter the use of guns. However, there are some elements in society that will not be deterred by any law.

For that sub-group the supply or availability  of guns becomes an independent factor.

Who is me? I eh no expert in the area of gun control. So – who is me to say anyt’ing about dis? Ah know – daize dee fus ting a few ah allyuh out dey t’inking. Doh worry – it have supm tuh do wid substrata dat way over allyuh head.

So on what authority I speak? Here it is: the authority of mathematics.

1. If A (number of people who will not be deterred by law) is reduced to a constant.

2. If B (the availability of guns to the population of A remains unchecked).

3. Den A + B must be a constant.

Yeah ah know dat maths above eh perfect – far from it. But doh miss the big picture. The availability (and supply) of guns in the country is a key factor for the government to address. Law enforcement can only become so ‘good’, to deter people who would be deterred from gun crime. I suspect that number is not as large as we might estimate.

I suspect that anybody who acquires guns for the purposes of violent crime has already gone through any threshold of deterrence the law may provide. In other words that group of individuals is likely to be a hard core of criminals. So – what dat mean? Dat means dat creating tougher laws ain’t likely to bring much reduction to gun crime.

Dee murder count stands at 296!! That means that by year’s end roughly 241 more of allyuh will be murdered dong on dat Rock. I for one know fuh sure there is no chance that I go be in dat 241. But ah also sure dat you dong on dee Rock, readin’ dis, cyah be as certain as me. Dat too is ruled by mathematics (stickin’ out meh right little finger for a bet).

In closing I must say that I am saddened by way Simmons lost his life. I share in the pain his family and young children suffer.