15 Jul 2010

No Problem!

Well ‘chupid me’ had to arks dem a question about dis offer. Guess wha’ question I arks?

20100626671I call dee fella dong in dee supermarket aisle and arks him “So if I purchase two of these, will I be charged £5.00.

He take 5 minutes to come back wid an answer. Seemed like an eternity.. buh dee Cyaptain was anchored to dee spot. I wasn’ movin’. I’s my life and my time – and I choose how  to was’e it or not. When it comes to studying this ‘super intelligent’ species that can put men on dee moon, split dee atom and build t’ings like dee Large Hadron Collider - buh cyah get a fecking price tag right, I have to know about dat!!

Yuh cyah wait – can you? Yuh want to know dee answer dee fella come back wid. Here it is: “No – you won’t be charged £5.00”.  Err…like WTF. So how much will I be charged for two? – which is the obvious follow up question I put to him. He goes, “£2.19 per each”. Well daize it. You probably knew that would be the outcome – and so did I. So – why do I hurt meh head? I jes marvel at the contrasts in life that confront me – den aiming to miss dee wood, trees, topsoil, air and runnin’ water – as usual! Eh boy Jumbie? LOL.  As allyuh know, Jumbie likes terra firma.. I prefer substrata!! LMAO.