20 Jul 2010

To support, or stand alone?

Once again, the spectre of corporal punishment has raised its controversial head. This post though is not about corporal punishment, which I have said time and time again I support. I am not fighting any battles here on merits or demerits of the issue. Suffice to say, I have my reasons and am yet to be convinced otherwise.

No, this post is about the position adopted by Verna St Rose Greaves. She stands against the 'official' position of the Government that selected her as a 'Special' Advisor on Children Affairs to the Prime Minister, and of a party of which she was once a Senator.

Now, admirable as it is to have a strong stance on an issue, it is not an appropriate approach to polarise yourself from the party. I am not speaking of personal repercussions here but rather the weakening of the party. Members need to provide support if the party is to survive or succeed.

Therefore, it would be more appropriate for Greaves to decline the offered position and stand in protest.