25 Jul 2010

What a bloody nerve!

I jes get copied to me the following email:

Pleasant Good day,

I would like to get a direct email or contact for Attorney General Anand Ramlogan as I would like to inform him of some situations that may be pertinent to current discussions about whether or not the Government is going to keep SAUTT or not.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Oooooooohh…. so I supposed to jess respond jess so jess so.

I tell you i’s like blasted idiots out there still eh know bout Google.. ..Goooooogle!!!

G ..O....O..........G..........L..........E!!  Feck man! No – is not jess dat dey eh know bout google ,dey blasted want me tuh gih dem private and confidential details (assuming I have it). So what? – I suppose’ tuh call up AR arks him eef to give out he private details to some wanker on the net…or forward crap like dat to AR? Look doh sen meh intuh orbit nuh! I is somebody secretary now, jes fuh like free?!! What a bloody nerve!!

So idiots who come to me wid dat bullcrap like getting sent here: www.lmgtfy.com – and I send dee jackass packing right off to dey: http://tinyurl.com/2fnmows .

Christ man! I’m being followed by fools all over dee world. Gimme a break puhleeese!!