14 Jul 2010

Wrong again! Arrest is coming.

Yep – Jumbie will be proved wrong again!!

Watch these words: "Hart will never be arrested".. Jumbie (7:38 AM, April 12, 2010) – check the blog here: Hart to be arrested or not.

And now watch dee akshan below in dee Newsday Article:

Buh doh worry wid dee article which clearly shows a trajectory to ‘arrestes’ Hart ass!! [fuh newbies, ‘arrestses’ is not Spanish – i’s a kinda broken English spoken by Donkey Rockians when dey trying real hard to over do proper English and still get it wrong. Well I gotta speak dey language hopin’ dey might undastaan li’le bit].

So what? Well den focus on dee word ‘never’ as per dee mighty Jumbie assertion. Den watch dee antics surrounding retrospective qualifications on ‘never’ dat dee Jumbie go try. LOL.

Never.. i’s never (or neva eef yuh like). It means no time no how.

Well I predict – the see-ah man dat I am – dat Hart will be arrested. Anand Ramlogan eh makin  joke at all. Dis is dee way a AG supposed to function. I predicting arrest soon. Watch dis space.