23 Aug 2010

A A, we own Big Mouth Theresa of ‘Sweetbread’ fame?

“We are also going to embark on a education programme for patients to understand why they should go to a hospital as opposed to a district health centre. “We have too many cases whereby people go to the hospital for care which are accessible at the health centres.”

Typical political bullshit.

People don't go to the health centres because they know the doctors come there for 20 to 30 minutes per day and see about 20 to 30 patients then go to their private offices. A person who wants to be seen by a doctor will go to any A&E, because, no matter how long the waiting time, s/he will be seen. A Minister of Health who is not aware of this ought to retire and go back to talking about her dogs at her previous post.

“There are people who go to the hospital who can be discharged but have not been discharged...I don’t know what the reasons are,” she said.

I am not aware this minister is medically qualified to determine who can be discharged or not!!

Recall recently she was triaging patients at Mt Hope without a medical or nursing degree!!!