26 Aug 2010

And more duncey tactics…


Every Trini enjoys the beach especially with friends when one is celebrating a birthday. Last Sunday I decided to be a part of one such celebrations on Tyrico Beach. On my way up driving through the beautiful North Coast Road which is cooled by the tree covering, a strategic police exercise was in place. One policeman ahead of the actual check point with a radio was there to inform other officers who were not wearing seatbelts. I thought to myself this is good to ensure that criminals were deterred from committing crimes against citizens on a lovely Sunday at the beach.

Little did I know that I, too, would be victim of indiscriminate police officers who were intent on flouting the new motor vehicles fines.

On reaching an officer I was greeted with the common courtesy, “Good day we are carrying out routine checks.” I proceeded to present my documents, then to my surprise he said, “Do you know your tint is too dark?” the officer asked. To which I replied, “I don’t think so cause you can see me in the vehicle with the glass up.” He then said to me, ‘Well it is too dark and carries a fine of $2,000, what yuh want to do?’ Knowing that one can see into the vehicle I said well I’ll remove the tint, but to my shock he said that he still giving me a ticket. What else can I do? My celebration had now gone sour since I got a ticket for $2,000. On reaching the birthday lime on the beach the police stop was the talking point, it appears that at least five people received tickets for tints — one of the highest new fines. What was the real shocker was one of our friends forgot his Driver’s Permit home and he was not fined.

He said that when the police asked for his DP and he told him that he forgot it at home. The police told him, “that is lock up but what you have for the police?” He told the officer to look in the back seat where he placed $500 which he had no problem accepting.


First question I have to ask is: “What criteria was used to measure the tint?”

Second question: “Do you expect different from a duncey?”

Third question… hell, I give up; too many bloody questions.