4 Aug 2010

Another desalination plant please.

Here we go.. flood in dey backside – solution? Desalination plants!!


Well allyuh know I does enjoy rubbin’ salt in people wounds.. well especially political wounds… and especially when they get all dey deserve. Doh get meh wrong, I empathise with the suffering of all those who have lost property etc due to the floods. Whey I am callous in my position, is the fact that they worshipped a previous regime that was corrupt to the core, failed to unite for so long, and had to reap so much suffering before change happened.

It will take years for the new gov’t to cure the flooding problem – and no, the solution is not to build desalination plants.

Dey jes cyah go on wasting tax-payers money on clean up operations post-flood year-on-year. The solution is better management of water resources i.e. to turn the abundance of water from a destructive force into drinkable or useable water that assists the quality of life of the nation.