18 Aug 2010

Cruelty and the death penalty

Readers who regularly come to this blog know I comment frequently on the news. They may also have noticed that for several weeks I have not commented on the atypically brutal murders that shook Trinidad and Tobago.

I admit, emotionally and mentally, I am not up to it. It’s like the Wild West gone wild again. The murders are cruel, nauseatingly so, and without rhyme or reason. The mental imagery brought in by the utter savagery is traumatising.  Neeshad Ali was killed by someone sawing away at his neck until his throat, including his trachea and blood vessels, were cut all the way through – it takes a special kind of disturbed animal to bring that level of butchery into play.

When I repeat, I am for the death penalty in cases like these, some people (they know who they are) may well take exception to this. I don’t give a rat’s arse… sure, death by hanging is barbaric and cruel… so too is sawing through someone’s neck.

Personally I believe those who oppose the death penalty would have a change of heart if their necks were being sawn upon, but since they sit comfortably safe, we would never know… would we?