9 Aug 2010

Dough mind it…

Trinidadians and Tobagonians had better brace their backs… flour price will run away next year again. If they think that they are already paying too much, they have another guess coming…

Wheat fields in Russia are on fire.

As of Monday morning, 557 wildfires continued to burn in Russia, 25 of them peat fires, the emergencies ministry said.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said this year's harvest, hit by fire and drought, would be worse than previously forecast.

Currently expected to be 65m tonnes, it could be as low as 60 million tonnes, Mr Putin said.

Mr Putin also said that a ban on grain exports could be extended beyond the end of 2010 because of shortages for domestic markets.

Russia is the world's third largest wheat exporter. Its biggest customers include Egypt, Turkey and Syria.

The head of the state weather service, Alexander Frolov, said on Monday that the heatwave of 2010 was the worst in 1,000 years of recorded Russian history.

All I can say is ‘band allyuh belly’.