28 Aug 2010



James ‘Jimmy Swaggart’ Philbert has been tossed out on his arse by the PSC. It’s about time. A failed CoP, he was granted multiple extensions by the PNM who hoped that Maurice Piggott would finished his studies and qualify in time to be appointed. We know that Stephen Williams was already qualified according to the parameters set by their own recruiting process but as is well known, that process was later deemed ‘flawed’ by the mini-mouthpiece, Imbertcile.

But no more. Unceremoniously dumped by the Public Services Commission in less than a day, the reasons for his dismissal seems to be unclear. The Express reports that it was because of incompetence.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social and Welfare Association Sgt Anand Ramesar, meanwhile, said Philbert's departure was a huge victory for the service and his membership.

"This is a victory for the association in its fight for better management for its membership when it comes to the issues of promotion and management that brings job satisfaction and internal treatment for its membership," Ramesar said in a phone interview.

"From the onset, we have had concerns about the administration being implemented by Mr Philbert, and we have voiced our concerns at all levels, which include the Ministerial and Prime Ministerial level and at the Police Service Commission. It appears that our concerns have been responded to and our complaints have been addressed."

Jumbies_watch_2010-08_28_ex_copThe Guardian reports because he has displeased the ruling PP.

But there has been widespread speculation by several senior officers last night that Philbert, during yesterday’s CNMG’s Morning Talk Show, may have said something which offended the People’s Partnership Government.

The issue on his qualifications has once again arisen.

Philbert, who was born on December 16, 1948, joined the Police Service on February 21,1964.

As one reader pointed out, this made him 15 years old when he joined the police service. I have mentioned on this blog before how rumours have it that he entered the police service with a school leaving leaving certificate, and this now seems to be the most likely scenario. Someone say ‘dunceys’?

My only concern now is why it does the PSC not move with the same swiftness in the cases of all of these rogue cops charged with corruption, bribery, abuse etc.

And one more point addressed to the Attorney General Anand Ramlogan: can we please see some legislation - soon! - to ensure that these same rogue officers be held accountable for their deeds and that fines are not paid by the state but out of their own pockets?