20 Aug 2010


Education is being dumbed down. There is no denying this. I’ll point out some examples, both local to TnT and abroad.

Take for example, the British ‘A’ level exams, something many of us are familiar with, an inheritance of our colonial past. Now the British has come up with an A* (read A star) to point out the star achievers. I dunno.. what happened to ‘distinctions’?

One lad here wondered why no universities offered him a place with 4 A stars. I had no such thoughts when I saw his results were gained in ‘soft’ subjects that really has no useful purpose…

20 aug 2010 pg1Speaking of subjects that have no useful purpose, I’ve mentioned before… in England you can gain a qualification in almost anything… grass cutting too if you will.  Don’t believe me? Recently some bright spark had the idea of offering an NVQ in car parking, I kid you not. Was this idea ever implemented? You betcha-arse it was.

But lets deal with TnT… this morning I saw a teenage mother gained a CXC pass in ‘electronic document preparation and management’. Naturally my thoughts ran to whether she was taught word processing, photocopying, typing on an electronic typewriter… or maybe all of the afore mentioned?

WTF doesn’t even begin to explain what’s going on in my mind this morning.