28 Aug 2010

Invictus – repeat.

I finally saw the movie Invictus. It was indeed moving.

What I’ve noticed is that often we are moved in a certain direction by things that inspire but that movement slows down. Then we could be moved in some other direction. Staying on course and keeping momentum isn’t easy. Life is full of distractions. Today we are motivated by ‘this’; tomorrow it is ‘that’.

If we’re truly masters of our fate and captains of our souls we must not merely give lip service but keep things moving in a goal-directed manner. We must judge our own performance at times when there may be no frame of reference. Indeed Captains (in days of old) did not always have sight of the stars to guide them - but that did not mean that their journeys should stop dead whilst waiting for starlight.

I’ve been re-motivated and I think that’s worth a repeat of poem to mark my resolve.